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Bodmer / Catlin Series

Pariskaroopa, Two Crows

35”H x 21”W x 11”D • Bronze • Ed: 35 • SOLD


The Crow tribe comes from the French derivative of the English name The Bird People. The Apsaalooke or Crow were part of the Hidatsa Tribe until 1776. Catlin was fascinated by some of the unique physical traits of the tribe noting that most of the men were at least six feet tall and had hair that swept the ground. Part of the daily ritual of the men included grooming their hair with bear grease.

Pariskaroopa was a Band Chief and Catlin painted him in 1832 in profile to show the crescent shape of his face noting that this shape seemed particular to the Crow. Two Crows is also shown wearing what is said to be a full eagle headdress, probably golden, and has full eagle and otter bags attached to his lance.