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2017 Western Art Collector - A Historic Return

To create a stunning new collection of work for a solo exhibition, John Coleman had to cause a drought of his work for the better part of a year, a... read more

2016 Southwest Art - Soul Connections

Amidst the soft light and deep shadows of a teepee’s interior, a young girl communes with her favorite doll, dressed like her in native garb and, also like her, with... read more

2016 Western Art Collector - The Return

In November 2015, as the Cowboy Artists of America celebrated its 50th anniversary with an exhibition in Scottsdale, Arizona, sculptor and CA member John Coleman found himself at the Scottsdale... read more

2016 Western Art & Architecture - Crossing Over

Almost a quarter century ago, well into middle age and just shy of his 44th year, John Coleman shucked aside real estate development and, as a veritable unknown, ventured into... read more

2015 Western Art Collector - Honeymoon At Crow Fair

I think it fitting if I begin this story with a statement by the artist John Coleman. This does in fact provide a perspective to what began as, in my... read more

2013 Fine Art Connoisseur - Reanimating America's History

In Indianapolis, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is set to host its eighth annual Quest for the West Art Show and Sale, which will again feature... read more

2012 Western Art Collector - In Memoriam

Both men remember the moment. It was the Spring of 2009. Richard Moylan, newly-elected treasurer of the National Sculpture Society, and John Coleman, a fellow of the organization, were in... read more

2010 Western Art Collector - Perseverance

During the mid-1980s I was invited by my friend Steve Rose of Biltmore Galleries to join a group of approximately 100 prominent businessmen, including judges, attorneys, doctors, astronauts, artists and... read more

2010 Western Art Collector - The End of a Series

The Legacy Gallery unveiled the last two pieces of John Coleman’s Explorer Artists Series, inspired by Karl Bodmer and George Catlin, on March 25 at a special collectors’ event at... read more

2010 Art of the West - Mythology as a Metaphor

The marble sculpture, The Rape of Proserpina by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, captured John Coleman’s imagination and later inspired him in his own work. Actually, what really stirred his muse was... read more
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